A Night in Paradise

The cold wind howled through the window, making me shiver to the bone. I couldn’t sleep. The bed creaked like an old wooden ship, the mattress was a rock, the sheet was as thin as paper, and there was sand in my bed. I was cold. I got out of bed slowly, trying not to wake my sister with the noise of the “old wooden ship”. The room was dark, very dark, except a faint light coming from the window. I scrambled around the room searching for my clothes. When I found them, they were cold too.

After I dressed, I slowly walked to the door, hoping that I would not trip over a mountain of my sister’s stuff. However, my luck failed me. My foot hit something hard (I guessed it was my sister’s suitcase), making me trip onto her clothes and hitting the door. I laid there still, not daring to move, waiting for it to get quiet again. My sister groaned and moved in her sleep, making the bed creak. She mumbled something in her sleep and all was quiet again, as if the world had stood still. My head was throbbing. I slowly got up, feeling dizzy, felt for the doorknob and twisted it. Then I slowly pulled the door open.

The cold wind rushed through the door, as if it were trying to escape something dark and evil. I quickly, but quietly, walked through the doorway and closed it behind me. The cold pavement struck up through my feet giving me goosebumps. I walked through the long, open hallway, the faint moonlight showing me the way. The doorways to the other rooms were dark, and seemed like they were growing bigger and bigger, wanting to devour me in its darkness. I felt frightened. As the stairway came into view, I rushed for it; eager to leave the dark building.

As I came to the bottom of the stairs, palm trees and dark hotel rooms were waiting for me, wanting to scare me out of my wits. Somewhere in the distance, an owl hooted and the sound of water crashing on the beach came to my ears. I stepped out onto the sand. It was cold as well, but soft. I walk slowly through the trees heading towards the clearing. The beach came into view and then the ocean as black as ink. The wind rushed to me as if it was welcoming me home. The sand was getting softer and the color was lighter. The sky and water seemed as though they were one. The moon was bright and beautiful, nothing could compare to its beauty. The stars seemed like little diamonds in a cave, as though I could reach up and pick them. I buried my feet into the sand. I felt warm and cozy.

I slowly laid down and put my head on the soft sand. The sound of the waves and the cold wind running through the air seemed so peaceful. For once, I was able to run away from my problems and fears. I was able to forget all the mistakes in life I had made. As I laid there, the sand underneath me began to get warm and comfortable. I watched the stars, sparkle in the dark night sky. There were so many of them, that I would not dare to count them. A shooting star flew above me and I wished that I would never forget this moment, that I would see it again many times before I die. It was so quiet. I slowly drifted off into a beautiful sleep. It was a beautiful night, one that I had never seen before and haven’t seen since. It was paradise. It was my night in paradise.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

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