An Empty Feeling

I walked into my room, the floor was empty and she had really gone. The summer went too fast, camp, the meetings, staying in Paradise Hotel, all happened like it was yesterday. I felt an emptiness in me, something of me had torn away, like a chocolate cookie being ripped apart. It didn’t feel the same; there was no mess on the floor. It was all clean.
When we first moved into our apartment I heard that Angela and I were going to share a room together, and I got really mad. I knew that there would be a mess on the floor, and Angela would stay up late watching movies while I had to go to bed or do homework. It did happen that way, but I was able to do some of it with her. We would stay up till one in the morning watching a movie, going to Batu, and working out at the gym at eleven at night.
Two weeks before moving into our apartment, Angela and I shared a room at Paradise Hotel for three weeks. We got so bored. All we did for those three weeks was watch movies, go to Coffee Bean, watch more movies, got to the mall and Batu, and watch even more movies. Most nights Angela would go through these mood swings and would want chocolate. So I, being the youngest, would have to go buy her some. One night, she was feeling especially bored and wanted to give me a fashion show and try on new things ; I obviously had no choice but to sit on my bed and watch her. Then the Hamster Impersonation was born; dunt dunt done(revealing music in the background). I wont even try to describe the Hamster Impersonation, because its so evil and mind controlling that once you watch her do it, you would break out laughing in silence a week later.
My sister and I have a type of relationship that I don’t have with anybody else on the face of the earth. We like the same type of movies and music, and we talk in the kitchen about problems we’ve had. Angela had just broken up with her boyfriend and started yelling at me about how boys suck and how she wished the world could be more like her. Of course I did what any sister would do; I sat there and pretended that I was listening when really I wasn’t. Angela and I have great times together. We are closer then any other of our family. We would come up with the craziest ideas and get in huge trouble, but it was worth it.
The summer went by to fast; I hoped it would never end. I didn’t value our friendship when she was still living with us. Now when I look back on it I wish I would have. Angela and I did fight when we shared a room together, while we were still in the Philippines. Then we moved to Malaysia had our own rooms and missed sharing a room. It will be the first time we will actually be in two different parts of the world for more then just a month. I should have valued our time more and spent more time with her. I can’t rewind life. I can only go forward.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

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