Dogs vs. Cats

Do dogs make better pets than cats? Many people believe that cats are better pets, because they do not shed, they just sit around and do their own thing. However, studies show that dogs are much more useful to humans than cats, because they can be a friend to you and work. There are two main reasons why dogs are better pets than cats; they are more useful to humans and they are more joyful than cats.

The first reason why dogs make better pets, is that dogs are more useful. They can be trained, unlike cats that sit around all day and sleep. There are rescue dogs, guard dogs, police dogs (etc.). Rescue dogs are trained to help find people who are missing in the woods, people that are trapped under rubble and things like that. Guard dogs protect your homes and businesses, making sure no robbers come in. Police dogs help police officers in many ways. They can chase after a criminal, sniff out bombs and drugs. Of equal importance, dogs are trained for usefulness, like sheep herding and hunting. Furthermore; dogs can help the sick and disabled, like seeing-eyed dogs who help the blind, hearing dogs who help the deaf, and dogs for epileptics who can tell you when you are going to have a seizure, before you have one. Cats, on the other hand can only sit there and watch you die.

Secondly, dogs bring joy and happiness to everyone. In support of this, many counselors, if you are in a depression, will tell you to get a dog. A dog will love on you even better than your own parents. You can also take a dog on a walk and lose some weight. You could walk a cat, but I wouldn’t even try. Consequently, dogs think you are king of the world, unlike a cat who thinks they are king of the world. In addition, a dog will love on you even if you hit them for being naughty.

Finally, dogs are also a source of entertainment. There have been dog sled races, and dog races since the Eskimos have been using them to pull sleighs. There are dog shows of all kinds have been a huge source of entertainment. Dogs have been in many great movies of our time. There have also been animated movies with dogs. Unlike dogs, cats have no interest in doing work to make you happy.

Now that we have examined the nature of cats and dogs, try to understand why I believe that dogs are better pets than cats. Take another step, go to your nearest pet store, and look in the window at the poor puppies trapped in a cage, with no owner to play with them. They will make you smile. Dogs, in my point of view, make better pets than cats.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

One Response to “Dogs vs. Cats”

  1. I enjoyed your essay on dogs vs cats. Mostly I agree with your arguments about dogs making better pets. I especially liked the observation that cats “can only sit there and watch you die.” Too funny and so true! But if you don’t die quick enough, they will get bored and go about their business.

    But I say “why not enjoy both?” At my house we have four of each species, and they keep us entertained with their antics. If you want, you can check them out at

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