How to Clean your Room

There are many ways to clean your room. You can stuff everything in your closet or under your bed! However, there are other ways to clean your room. In this essay, I will teach you all about your room and easy ways to clean it. Your room defines who you are, so it is important to keep it the way you like it. So if you like a really gross, messy room then don’t even think about reading another word. Just put this down or pass it on to the next person. But if you have problems with your room, then I shall advise you in your time of crisis.

1. First thing you do in cleaning your room is to put on some up-beat music; for example, something that you can sing and dance to, that will get you moving and hyper. If you don’t, then you will be really bored while cleaning, and it won’t be any fun. Also you can turn your laptop on (if you have one) and chat with friends while cleaning; however, this will probably distract you, and it will take longer to clean.

2. The second step to cleaning your room, is to have a messy room; if your room isn’t messy then you don’t need to read this essay at all. However, if you have nothing else to do then make your room as messy as possible in the next five-minutes. Go! See, that didn’t take long. One of the first things you want to do is to get rid of all those dirty dishes and old tissues, from crying over your boyfriend/girlfriend breaking up with you. If you have glasses filled with water or plates with old pizza lying on the floor, you are bound to step on it and spill it over, then you will have more of a mess to clean up. So you want to get rid of all the dirty dishes, and if you are feeling extra nice to your parents, you might want to wash them. You never know, you might get chocolate from them since you’re a good little boy/girl. If you don’t like chocolate then I’ll eat it!

3. After you have cleared your room of all the dirty dishes, you might want to go through and clear your room of all your breakables and important things, as in ipods, money, jewelry, etc. You do not want your little brother or sister coming in and stealing it, and you don’t know when you will get it back. And then if your little brother or sister tell your mom or dad then they might think that you are not responsible enough to own it, and take it away (I know this from experience).

4. The next thing to do, is to get all your clothes off of the floor (be sure to check under your bed), fold them and put them were they belong, otherwise throw them in the dirty clothes basket. Like the old dirty socks and underwear (which I don’t think you would want to wear again, unless you are desperate or just really, really strange). Also, do not, let me repeat that again, do not stuff clothes in your closet or under your bed; remember you are cleaning your room not making it worse.

5. Congratulations! You have made it to the fifth step; you may now take a ten-minute break and get some food or a drink. You also might want to take a quick stop in the bathroom, just in case. You do not want to take a too long of a break or else you will get tired and not want to finish the job. Then get back to work!

6. Once you have walked back in your room, you should be able to walk across the room decently. Instead of hopping from one clean spot to the next, like a frog. The next thing to do in your room is to make your bed, once you do that your room should look clean.

7. You are almost done cleaning your room! This is the last and final step! You now want to clean up whatever else is on the floor and put it up. After that, you might want to go around and organize all your nick-nacs on your desk, dresser and any other tables you might have random junk on.

Remember, your room is not a graded assignment (unless your parents have made it one). So be crazy! Design it the way you want to, your personality, just you. Put posters on the walls, put up pictures, stick weird Star Wars figurines on your desk if you want! So now that you have learned how to clean your room, sit on your bed and relax. Enjoy your room.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

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