Pollution in the Philippines

Pollution in the Philippines

The Philippines isn’t the cleanest place in the world, I don’t even understand why people would want to live there. There is so much trash on the streets and pollution. When you start to land on the main island, there is a bubble of pollution that you go through to get to the city. No forests are on the main island and there used to be eagles but there are none now, from Filipinos shooting the birds down; except in the mountains. The city has so many people and cars that they have to have a car band day; were certain cars can’t drive a certain day.

The country is near the equator and tropics, they get lots of storms, hot days and sometimes even drought. When there are storms, it’s usually hurricanes. The hurricane can be so bad that it can flood to where the water is over your shoulders. It is so gross; because all the trash gets caught in the flood; the water is brown and it’s caring all sorts of things that you don’t even want to know, out to sea. Also, they have mudslides in the mountains were the rice terraces are, that destroy people’s homes, forests, and roads. The mountains aren’t as trashed as the main city, but there is still trash on the road.

The Philippines has the most beautiful beaches in the whole wide world though, and there are not very crowded at all. When you go to the beaches in the Philippines from Manila, you have to take a five hour drive to the boats and a two hour boat ride to the beach. There is beautiful coral and fish out by the islands, and even birds and forest. The government has been good about keeping it clean.

I believe that if the government does not take action about the pollution in the Philippines, then the country will become so bad that people won’t be able to breathe and most of them get lung cancer or some kind of disease and die. People living in the Philippines should start a service project where people volunteer to help clean up the environment, make more parks and zoos. They should also have fun raisers to help build more wildlife centers. If all the other countries are not careful then the world may start looking like the Philippines. There is only one world that has trees, mountains, and wildlife; we should be careful how we use it.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

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