The Cask of Amontillado

“The Cask Of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allan Poe, is a story full of suspense. In the story, Montesor lures Fortulato to the wine cell in the bottom of the tunnel so to kill him; he says that they are just testing out the wine. Montresor was a smart man knowing how he was going to kill Fortunato. The cell is long black and no one would be able to hear him scream for help. Montresor had hate and jealousy in side of him. Anger took hold of him; Fortunato was just doing what was best for him and did not realize all the hate he had created inside of Montresor.
Fortunato was a well respected man and sometimes even feared. However, Fortunato had a weak point; he prided himself in his expert opinion on wine, not trusting the judgment of others. The night Montresor killed Fortunato, Fortunato was drunk and wearing a clowns suit (for carnival season). Fortunato believed that Monstesor was his friend, not knowing all the hate inside of him.
Montresor had an evil spirit, thinking everyone was against him. He hated the world and loved only himself. He wanted his life to be perfect; however, no one is perfect. Montresor worked at a wine cellar, keeping the wine in order and test tasting it. The wine cellar went on for miles and miles, deep in the ground. There most famous wine was amontillado or pale, dry sherry. While he was talking to Fortunato, Montresor gives him a clue of his unhappiness, “You are rich, respected, admired, beloved, you are happy, as once I was”.
This story is very dark and depressing; like many of the characters in Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems. The ending of this story is a tragic one; Montrsor ends up securing Fortunato to a piece of granite. Montresor then seals up the entrance to the room he had kept Fortunato in. However, before Montresor fills the door in, he has a small talk with Fortunato, who thinks it’s all a joke. Then Fortunato dies, before Montresor leaves. Fortunato had a very bad cough, which killed him, due to the dampness, and mold grown on the walls of the tunnels. Montresor was angry and frustrated at Fortunato; however, Fortunato was too proud, he believed that he was the best and that on one could be as good as he could. Montresor showed Fortunato that being proud could lead to the angry to many.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

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