The Ugly One

Long long ago, in a land not too far away, there lived a rich and selfish king by the name of Plus. Now King Plus ruled the land of Pinecone and had a huge castle made out of solid gold in the main city of Blanket. King Plus was marred to a woman by the name of Peace but died a year later of giving birth to Joseline. Joseline was no ordinary girl, when she turned eight, she started to show signs of boils and scars; however, her eyes shown like stars in a black night. King Plus was ferocious about her ugliness, ignoring her eyes and beat her until she was close to death. Then had her locked away in the tallest tower in the castle. Joseline spent eight long years in that tower before leaving it, but that comes later.

Joseline only saw three people while see was in the tower: her father, who whenever he came beat her; her nurse, Emily, who taught her to sew and school; and the guard, Ian, who was her best friend when she was alone. If her father came to visit her, it was for only one purpose, to beat her. Emily came once a day from ten a.m. to three in the afternoon. Her nurse did her school with her and taught her how to sew, for Emily was the best sewer in the whole of Pinecone. By the age of ten Joseline was able to design and make her own clothes. When Emily wasn’t teaching Josline, Josline would talk to her bestest friend, Ian. Ian comforted her and told her stories of great battles of the kingdom and the outside world, but nothing of her father. She enjoyed his company, for the long hours of the day would go slow otherwise. He would tell her his problems of his family and struggles for he knew that she wouldn’t tell a soul. Most of the times when they would talk he would go up with her to the top of the tower and lie under the stars together; for in her room there was a staircase that went to the top of the tower. There were closer than a apple and a tree. They had to be very careful though, because if King Plus knew about their relationship, Ian would be beaten to death and Josline would be starved to death.

One night after her father gave her the worse beating of her life time, Ian came in and just comforted her and let her cry on him. He sat there the whole night, looking after her. When Joseline turned sixteen, Ian began to worry about Joseline for her father had been coming more frequently. Ian knew that she would not last long, so he began to think up plans to runaway with her. He loved her, like nothing else, but was to shy to admit it. The king’s birthday was coming soon; he has every one drink wine and has a huge feast. He decided that that would be the best night to take her away while everyone was feasting.

She agreed after he told her the plan, because she longed to see the world and have adventures of her own. They planed out the escape very carefully, because they were risking their lives just to be together. Winter was approaching, so Joseline made warm clothes for both of them while Ian planed out the escape and got food that would last them a month.

Ian was on duty that night so it was very easy for him to get her out. On that cold, dark night, there were fireworks and music playing outside for her father’s birthday. At about twelve o’clock at night, Ian came to get her. As he opened the cell, she ran to him and embraced. After the hug he grabbed her hand had told her, “Come! Let us leave this horrible place, for we don’t have that much time.” When Joseline walked out the door, she looked back one more time then ran down the hall with her only friend. She kept a veil over her head and wore a beautiful, fancy dress so that if anyone did see them they would think they were only guest of the king’s feast. They walked down the long windy stairs never letting go of each other’s hands. Joseline’s heart was pounding hard, she was frighten. More frighten then when her father came to beat her. As they got to the end of the stairs, he stopped to make sure that no one was in the hallway. When he saw that no one was around, he dragged her to a door that led to the main hall. Once they got to it, they would be able to walk slowly, so that they would not be getting attention. Then to the main gate, where Ian had two horses waiting.

As Ian opened the wooden door, it creaked loudly. On the other side of the door, Joseline saw the hall was bright with torches and on the middle of the floor, there was a red carpet that looked like it was stained with blood. Ian led Joseline through the door and closed it behind them. As they walked they passed many people still arriving for the King’s birthday, bringing gifts of all kinds wrapped in gold. Joseline never saw so many people before, she wanted to go up to them and introduce herself to every one of them. However, she restrained herself, feeling modest and not wanting to jeopardize their plan of escape. The main gate came into view not long after they came out of the door from the staircase. Joseline’s heart pounded faster then ever and held tight to Ian’s hand. He looked at her and gave her a smile that she would never forget in all the years she lived.

For the first time in Joseline’s life she smelled the trees, horses, and especially man. The only things that Joseline knew about the real world were things she read in books and things Emily and Ian told her. She was finally free. She wanted to close her eyes and dance, but Ian pulled her along; however, they were not out of the castle yet. They still had to go across a bridge and a gate. On the bridge right before the gate there were guards checking invitations. They walked at a slow pace hoping that they would not be notice. Joseline saw that the guards of the kingdom were not very happy and looked cruel. There was one especially cruel looking man that Joseline noticed, he was broad soldered, with a helmet and breastplate made with shiny silver. He had a long sword tied to his waist and sharp looking eyes. Joseline and Ian walked by, trying not to cause attention. Just as they passed the guard, he yelled out to them, “Hey you! Stop right there”! Ian and Joseline froze. Joseline’s heart started to beat harder and harder and for the first time in her life, she felt her heart stop. They both turned around facing the guard, and Ian answered in a calm voice,”Yes?”

“Why are you not at the feast drinking and eating. The night is still young. And who is this lady?” Joseline was glad that she had a veil covering her face, as the man looked at her, so that he could not see the fear in her eyes.

“She is my sister and is not feeling well. We asked the King if he would beg our pardon and leave early. He granted our permission”.

“Very well,” he said in disapproval, not believing a word Ian said. “Be on your way”.
Once Ian and Joseline turned toward the gate, Ian let out a big sigh of relief.

They were able to walk to the horses Ian had put in the stables without any other trouble. When Joseline first laid eyes on the white horse she was going to ride, she fell in love with it; but was to afraid to touch it. Ian had named her Saphire. Ian had another horse for him to ride, as black as night and called him Coal. Ian helped Joseline on to Saphire and taught her a few things about riding. Joseline’s heart pounded as he told her how to steer and make Saphire go faster in case they were chased. Then he hopped on to Coal and they rode off together into the night.

At first Joseline had a little difficulty of getting use to the bounciness and steering but got the hang of it after awhile. They took back alleyways so they would not be noticed. After ten minutes of riding, they started to see the edge of the forest. Then took another back road and made out to the forest. The forest was dark, mysterious and gloomy. Joseline almost most didn’t want to continue, but her heart was telling her to go for it and take the adventure that was waiting for her. She followed Ian into the blackness never looking back at the castle her father built.

However, what she didn’t know was that her father was making his way up the tower to see her. He was feeling extra generous tonight and decided he wanted to beat his daughter up since it was his birthday. When King Plus arrived at the top of the stairs, he found it odd that there was no guard. As he looked at the open door to Joseline’s cell, he was ferocious that she had gone. King Plus ran down the stairs yelling for the guards and ordered them to search everywhere for his ugly daughter.

Joseline and Ian were fifteen minutes in the forest before they started to hear the voices of the guards. Joseline’s heart started to beat faster. Ian looked at her with frighten eyes. He then said to her,”Run northeast as fast as you can. Towards Chesston (one of King Plus’s arch enemies). A river borders it and leads to a lake. Cross the river and follow the river downstream towards the lake. I will meet you there. If I’m not there by tomorrow night, go on without me. I will find a way to get you.” The voices became louder. “Now go!” Joseline started in the direction Ian had told her to go in; she turned and looked at him once more then prodded her horse and ran.

Behind her, she heard Ian yell out with pain! She dare not look back, but rode into the black of the night. As the morning dawned she found herself at the river. She crossed and followed it down stream where it emptied into a lake. The horse was exhausted and slowed as they reached the grassy shore. Joseline camped there and built a fire. She found the bread Ian had packed for the journey. As she stared at the campfire, she thought of Ian and the cry of pain. Tears formed in her beautiful eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Just as she was settling down for the night, she heard a stick crack in the distance. Joseline froze, not knowing what to do!

A deep strong voice behind her warned, “Do not move. Twenty archers with arrows on the string surround you and are ready to shoot. Raise your hands above your head!” She obeyed, raising her hands slowly in the air. Suddenly, a blow to her head caused everything to go black.

When Joseline awoke, her head was throbbing from the blow she had taken the night before. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she noticed she was in a huge bead in a big room with beautiful paintings on the walls. Her nightgown was white as snow. She sat up, but her head throbbed all the more. A servant girl came into the room holding a cup of tea. She said, “Good Morning, my Lady! Welcome to Kingstones Castle. King Samuel would like to have breakfast with you in the hour, if you are able”.

Joseline did not know what happened. She thought she was dreaming! “Is this a dream?” she asked.

“No, you are in King Samuel’s Castle. You were brought here last night. I have come to help you dress for breakfast with the King!”

Joseline still not knowing what to think, decided to let the girl help her dress. She was dressed in the finest and most beautiful dress she had seen in her entire life! Once dressed, and looking her finest, the servant girl led Joseline to the Dining Hall. As they walked, Joseline noticed the hall was filled with open windows and beautiful paintings on the walls. Then they passed through tall broad doors that opened to the dining room.

As she walked into the room she noticed a tall thin man with handsome features.. He wore fine garments of gold and had a sword tied to his waist. On his head was a gold crown with rubies in it. The man greeted her, ”Good Morning Princess Joseline! I hope you slept well in the bed. I hope your head is not bothering you too much this morning. Would you like some breakfast?” As he spoke he pulled out a chair and beckoned her to sit down.

“Yes”, she replied. “Thank you very much. Please tell me where I am and what happened!”

“Last night my men were suppose to bring you but they mistook you for the enemy! I am sorry for your treatment. Ian was my loyal spy and helped to set you free. We planned this escape for a long time, but King Plus has threatened us many times. We will confront him in battle tomorrow, a surprise attack. Ian was suppose to meet my guards at the end of the forest, but King Plus must have figured out the plan. I am sorry for Ian, but you are finally safe!”
He smiled at her and they ate breakfast together, talking about peaceful and joyful things!

In conclusion, King Samuel was able to defeat King Plus and kill him. Later King Samuel and Princess Joseline fell in love and married. After that, Joseline did not care about wearing a veil over her face ever again. The King loved her because of her beauty within her, not for her outward appearance. Though many say she grew more beautiful every year as her beautiful spirit grew.


~ by Katie on May 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

  2. Katie!!! So good..u r AWESOME..n dont u forget it :]

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