THe Nature of Guys and Girls

The nature of guys and girls is a very complicated thing. Guys and girls think differently from each other. One thing to a girl could mean a completely different thing to a guy. However, guys and girls can’t stay separated from each other, they love hanging out with each other. Girls become bored if they hang around girls too much, so they hang around guys (I believe this is the same for guys).

The nature of girls is so confusing, that I don’t blame guys who don’t get us. A girl’s best friend is probably the mall. Girls love shopping; they could spend a whole day at the mall looking at shoes, jewelry. Girls love looking at clothes, especially nice tops and pants. They spend hundreds of dollars on them in order to get attention from guys and to make other girls jealous. A girl’s whole life (well at least until they mature and have a fiancé, maybe even beforehand if their lucky) is a battle with other girls, to show them that you are the better than them. However, most girls have matured before.

Girls also, like to have things perfect for proms, banquets, graduation, first date, etc. Especially if we are going with someone they like, because its like “This is going to be the best night of my life”. Most of the time it is, but sometimes it isn’t the best night. I also believe that most girls fantasize about their Prince Charming. I don’t believe that they think he will come on a white horse or in shinning armor; however, they think about their love story at some point in their life.

The nature of guys is very different. Guys most of the time have this sort of attitude that they don’t care, I’m not saying that most guys have this; but some do. Guys, no offense, are mostly immature. They love playing tricks on each other, joking about perverted things and don’t know when to stop. I’m not saying that girls don’t do these things, because we do, but we don’t do them as often and consistent. They also like to pick on girls, which can get personal sometimes and hurt a lot. Guys also love to talk about weapons. Sometimes I will just be hanging around with a group of guys, and they’ll suddenly start talking about some new gun/sword and I become so lost right after they name the weapon. This also happens with video games.

Not all guys are like this though; every now and then you meet a guy who is very respectful to girls and only talks about that kind of things around his guy friends. There are guys, believe it or not, who are romantic. They don’t show it, because they think it’s not manly enough and are afraid. I think that guys like to flatter girls and make them laugh, to make them feel special. When a guy likes a girl he will have the feeling of taking care and protecting her. This is also felt among good friends as well (I asked a guy about this).

I love hanging around guys, because my life would probably be boring without guys; however, I have had many good times with my girl friends. Guys probably say the same about girls. Girls and guys are different in many ways; however we fit together so well. Like in science, positive and negative (opposite) charges attract. It is in human nature for guys and girls to interact with each other. Sometimes there are some awkward moments that happen, but that’s what makes it so much fun. So don’t be afraid to hang around guys/girls, because you will make more memories that way than with your own gender.


~ by Katie on May 22, 2009.

One Response to “THe Nature of Guys and Girls”

  1. KATIE!!!!!! I love this!!! it is all true too!!! HAHA…. this is great!!!

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