Why are we so quick to judge?

Every mourning I wake up

Look in the mirror and put on a mask.

One that shows what other people want me to be.

A mask that shows i’m the perfect girl

A girl who is wise, smart, and someone who has no problems.

Most of the time I feel like my life is a play.

And the world is my stage

Outside of the safety of my room.

Every eye on me, giving me the death stare

Waiting for me to mess up, then quick to judge

The world outside has put pressure on me to be someone I’m not

Like an actress

An actress who turns out to be the criminal

And the world sees me as that

But inside, my soul aches

It aches for freedom.

To be myself

To escape from the locked box I keep hidden inside of my chest

Just a rusty old box

Nothing special, for that is what I feel.

But that box is my most precious possession

Inside of that box

The rusty old box holds the real me

It may be ugly on the outside

But on the inside,

Inside it is gold.

It is wild

With forests, mountains, deserts, oceans,

Inside lies the sun!

Only few have seen this box or what lies inside.

For those people are the ones who know the real me

The person who God intended me to be.

But I have doubts

How will I be the person God has intended me to be,

If I cannot even be myself with the people I love?

So I say to you

If you feel judged,

Then first stop judging others

And they will eventually learn to respect you.

The journey may be hard

But trust in God

And he will give you the strength you need

The strength to survive.


~ by Katie on February 28, 2010.

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