The Chains of Darkness

The chains held me back,

Weight of them heavy on my wrists.

I can hear the screams of others behind me.

I slowly weaken,

But I cannot give up now.

I can see the light near,

But yet so far away.

I struggle to break free from these chains

That are holding me back from freedom,

Freedom that I long for.

The sound of a whip comes from behind,

Unexpected pain came quick.

I yelled out in pain!

It feels of a thousand nails pounding into my body, into my soul.

It is too much.

I fall,

Into darkness.

Not knowing when or what my body will hit.

It felt as if I would never land,

A darkness without end.

Hard, cold, sharp rocks suddenly came

Hitting them hard,

Pain swallows my body up like water.

I feel a dark, heavy, shadow lay upon me,

But yet nothing was there.

The light in front starts to fade.

I feel as if I cannot make it.

Then darkness envelops me.

Consuming everything I am,

Making me something I’m not.

The pressure becomes too much

I slowly begin to die.

A cold, long, lonely death.

I hear death, sorrow, guilt, shame ringing in my ears.

I wished it would go away!

I call out for freedom,

For salvation,

For a savior!

But nothing,

Just pain.

Tears envelop my eyes.

I feel alone,

I don’t know what to do.

Suddenly silence.

The screams fade,

My tears become dry,

I feel peace.

The light ahead becomes brighter.

I see a man standing.

Not a man in darkness,

But a man who is golden.

A brighter gold then anything I have seen before.

I suddenly feel the strength I need,

The strength to break free of the chains.

I stand up,

Ignoring the pain

I run to the light.

I run to the man,

The man who is golden.

I run harder then I have before,

He embraces me with open arms.

His arms surround me,

Making me warm.

I wished to never let go,

To stay in that embrace of love.

I felt safe.

Worried that I would fall back into darkness,

I look back.

To my relief, the darkness slowly disappears.

Then I look at the man,

The tall, golden man.

He smiled,

A smile that filled me with a warm happiness.

I then took the hand he held out and looked ahead,

To the light

And he led me to safety.

Away from the darkness that I don’t need to fear anymore,

For I have Him


~ by Katie on February 28, 2010.

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