Cadi Forbes

Cadi Forbes in The Last Sin Eater, is a small 10-year-old girl who has a strong adventurous spirit with confused side. Cadi loves the mountains, forests, and fields full of flowers that surround her. After she finishes her chores each day, she always goes off into the forest looking for an adventure. When Cadi first encounters the Sin Eater and a foreigner that she calls the Man of God her whole view of the world changes. She digs up secrets from the past, which test Cadi’s faith in God and what she believes is right and wrong.

Cadi first encounters the Sin Eater at her grandmother’s funeral, when she accidentally looked upon the face of the Sin Eater. Cadi’s curiosity and search for freedom from her sins, she begins a search for the Sin Eater. She made a journey up to Dead Man’s Mountain which is a forbidden mountain to all those except for the Sin Eater. During her journey she is fearful of the future and hoping that the poor man can take away her sins and she can live the rest of her life in peace. Also Cadi has a rebellious side to her, the Kai warn everyone not to go down to where the Man of God was; however, Cadi goes down there to listen to him and becomes confused with what the man’s words are. When she goes and talks with him she embraces his words and becomes saved, changing her life forever.

One of Cadi’s biggest struggles through this story was past sins and guilt. Throughout the beginning of the story, Cadi could not forgive herself for seeing her sister die and believed it was her fault that she feel off the tree bridge and into the water. When Cadi finally accepted Christ as her Lord she was able to release herself from the sin that was holding her down. A few days later when Fagan gets beaten and the Man of God dies from Brogan Kai’s beaten; Cadi believes its her fault because she talked to the man and Fagan came with her. Cadi also was scared for Fagan and herself, she allowed herself to be taken over by fear which gave her a weak side, she was letting Brogan Kai win by making her fear him. Which was something she had to overcome later on.

Cadi has a lot of internal conflict in this book. With what she knows is right, but yet trying to do it in a way that no one gets hurt. After Fagan’s beating and the Man of God’s death, Cadi doesn’t understand why God allowed him to die and Fagan to get hurt. She does not know who to believe and how understand God’s ways. When Fagan then talks to her she begins to understand and is ready to take up the challenge to share what the Man of God had said with many people. Also. Cadi is afraid for the Sin Eater, not knowing how he would react to her words. She knew it would hurt him, for he was deceived for twenty-two years. Cadi almost didn’t have the courage to at one point, but then gathered her courage to go talk to him.

Cadi and I are a lot alike in many ways: her sense of adventure, dwelling upon past sins, afraid for the future, and not understanding God’s ways. Cadi mostly struggled with internal conflicts, trying to figure out what her values were in life. I believe Cadi is stronger than she believed; all she needed to do was find that strength in God. The main lesson I learned from Cadi was that I need to find my identity in Christ and look to him in my times of trouble instead of myself. To not deal upon past sins, for Jesus took that all away when he died on the cross. God is with us every step of the way walking before and besides us.


~ by Katie on April 23, 2010.

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