Movies and Books

Movies and Books Some of the most favorite past times for people these days are watching movies and reading books. These two types of media have been a huge influence in our world today. Both have many differences and similarities. Most people do; however, prefer movies over books. There are many different types of movies and books: horror, romance, comedies, mystery, war, history, etc. Books and movies are both great ways to get away from the real world and let your imagination run wild.

    Movies are a huge influence in all cultures in the world. Everybody loves movies, well most people. Movies are an easy way to see a story in about two hours, instead of reading for hours and hours on end. It has been very rare when a book will be better than a book. There was one movie that was better than the books, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Well from what I have heard it was better than the books. Movies are great way to relax, sitting in front of a TV with some of your best friends with a bowl of popcorn being handed around. Like in some movies and books you will be on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, dying to know what will happen next. However, unlike books, when you watch movies it is a way to flirt. When the intense part comes you can grab your friend’s hand and just hold it tightly until the moment passes. I find these moments some of the funniest moments in my life. Most people love to have a movie marathon, where they will watch a whole bunch of movies all at once with friends. Movies can be watched over and over again, books can be re-read by those who have the patience.

   Books are also a nice way to get away, to sit down in a nice peaceful place with a cup of tea or coffee and just read. Whenever I open up a book, my mind will suddenly open up the door to that imaginary world. The sounds, the colors, and the surroundings will be around me. I am usually oblivious to my real surrounds and all that is going around me while I read, because I will be so captivated by the book. Books are a way to imagine things on your own and go into more details with descriptions, when you watch a movie that is how the person imagined that world and is not your own imagination. You are given the imagination; with books usually the writer will give you a description, but it is up to you whether you want to use that description or not. Also, books make you think about the plot and what is going to happen next. When you read a book, most of the time you will not find out what happens in an hour or two. Unless you are a very fast reader or the book was just short, very short. So when someone reads a book one question is always in their head’ “What is going to happen next?” Which make readers want to read fast and ignore everything else that is going on around them.

    Both movies and books had to start from one main characteristic, imagination. When that person had an idea in their head, they were creating a type of dream. Then slowly they were able to build off of it and create a full story of some sorts. Some authors and directors even take a big event and create a story from that event, so like the big event was real but the story was fantasy. So lets take World War II for example, an author or director may have made up a story about some Jews hiding who later on get caught and go to prison camps. So the event was based off of people who went through what a lot of Jews went through during World War II but the people themselves were not real. There are many of differences between books and movies; however, there are a lot of similarities. There are some people in this world who do not read books because they are too lazy or they just do not like to read. Then there are those who prefer books over movies, because books are more descriptive and dive into the details. Movies and books are pretty even if it came to a contest on which one would be better; both are good for relaxing and just chilling if you are stressed.


~ by Katie on May 21, 2010.

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